About Scott Pryor

U.S. Marine Corps veteran. He is a musician currently releasing singles in 2024 (Release Schedule). He is also a screenwriter, producer, actor, and director known for “The List” (2015), “Blackbear” (2019), and “Tulsa” (2020). Pryor is the Founder and CEO of Pryor Entertainment (formerly Foretress Films). Pryor studied Finance, Economics, and Law in South Carolina, Minnesota, Russia and Hungary. Pryor also works as a successful trial lawyer, ranked in the top 1% Nationwide. Pryor owns his own practice in the Atlanta-Area (Scott Pryor Law) but handles large cases nationwide, setting case records in multiple states. Pryor is also a speaker who travels internationally speaking on a variety of topics from advanced trial tactics to film and inspiration. Pryor has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, WGN, CW, Fox, and many more news programs and publications.