After Staff Sergeant Codey “Bear” Blackbear (Scott Pryor) and his best friend and fellow sniper, Cowboy (Darrin Henson), escape from an ISIS interrogation, Cowboy’s only chance for survival is an unaffordable experimental treatment program. Back on the streets, Bear finds himself alone, aimless and with a new heroin addiction, courtesy of ISIS. Years after leaving the mixed martial arts world, Bear’s motivation to help Cowboy survive leads him back to his old gym. He enlists the help of his coach (Eric Roberts) to train him for a high-dollar fight in “The Basement”, an underground fight ring. In the end, Bear goes into his last mission truly living up to the Marine’s motto, Semper Fidelis; always faithful.

Cast: Scott Pryor, Darrin Henson, Eric Roberts, Darrin Henson, Kevin Sizemore, Lorynn York, Sara McMann, Ovince St. Preux (OSP), John Gray

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BLACKBEAR | Official Trailer (2019)


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