Scott Pryor Debuts First Album, Wide Awake

For Immediate Release   
June 2024, (Atlanta, GA)                                                                                       

Scott Pryor, best known for his work as a Screenwriter, Actor, Director and CEO of Pryor Entertainment, can now add rockstar to his career titles. Pryor dropped his first single on Wide Awake in January to stellar reviews. 7 additional tracks dropped this Spring/Summer with the remaining 3 songs launching from July to September. Pryor’s debut album was produced by legendary vocal coach and music producer, “Mama Jan” Smith and Jesse Own Astin (of Jan Smith Studios) in Atlanta, GA.

Scott Pryor combined talents with Jared Munday for the album, boasting 10 songs and 2 bonus tracks. The pandemic gave the extremely busy and energetic Pryor time to contemplate what was left on his bucket list—and music was the immediate answer for the Marine veteran. “Music is in my blood,” states Pryor. “My dad is one of the top honky-tonk piano players in the world today, although he never toured or performed on a large stage. I’ve always had a deep appreciation and passion for music.”

Fueled by his longtime dream of exploring music and performance, Pryor took the first step by tracking down Jan Smith and starting to work with a vocal coach Heidi Huelskoetter.  From there, Pryor brought in lyrics he’d written over the years -and as early as a teen—into the studio to start working with Jan and her team on building out the album. “I grew up singing in church and later in a choir and a few small groups, but the biggest obstacle in the past couple decades has been time,” confirms an always in demand Pryor. “Being a trial lawyer can take up all of your time and energy, but when the courts closed during Covid, I had the opportunity, finally, to make this a reality.”

A proud U.S. Marine, Scott Pryor’s film credits include “The List” (2015), “Blackbear” (2019), and “Tulsa” (2020), “Lost Sons” (In-Development), “I’m OK” (In-Development), and “Pale Horse” (In-Development). Pryor won best male lead for Tulsa and the film won Best Picture and Audience Choice Award (from the 49th Annual ICVM Crown Awards & International Christian Film Festival, respectively). Blackbear was nominated for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Male Lead (International Christian Film Festival), all major accolades for Pryor Entertainment.

Pryor, in partnership with his wife, and Executive Producer/Director Laura Pryor, is the Founder and CEO of Pryor Entertainment, a bi-coastal independent production company that creates films, tv, and content that inspires, empowers, and educates so that others may truly live. After setting the 2020 record for the second highest grossing domestic box office for self-distributed movies to theaters, on February 2, 2021, Pryor Entertainment released digitally their most popular feature, “Tulsa,” starring Pryor, John Schneider, Livi Birch, Nicole Marie Johnson and Cameron Arnett.

In addition to all his creative pursuits, Scott Pryor is a practicing attorney/Owner of Scott Pryor Law Group (Personal Injury & Accident Attorneys). He works daily as a successful trial lawyer (and won the prestigious Litigator Award for the top 1% of trial lawyers in the country) and was featured in 2020’s Super Lawyer Magazine. His law practice is based in Georgia, but he handles serious injury and wrongful death cases nationwide. Pryor studied Finance, Economics, Art, and Law in addition to studying abroad in Russia and Hungary. Pryor and his wife Laura reside outside of Atlanta and have three boys.

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